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Building a snowboard from scratch allowed Loaded to develop a new sizing system for the Algernon.

Typically boards are designed for a specific rider, usually a pro, and then scaled up and down from that template

Loaded wanted every size of the Algernon to ride as intended without losing any resolution from scaling.

To do so, Loaded created a formula considering boot size, stance width and rider weight and then applied this to each individual board size, essentially creating four unique boards that all ride exactly as calculated.

Experimenting with subtleties and simplicity, we pared down each feature over the course of many years.

We achieved a uniquely accessible, intuitive, responsive snowboard that can crush high speed carves on groomers, charge through the crud, send off the biggest cheese wedge and float down a powder pillow line.

It’s not a quiver killer, but it’s pretty darn close.


PROFILE: Mustache Camber –Snappy, less catchy

SHAPE: Directional Twin – Tw

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