PP 8.5 Yosozumi Samurai deck

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Powell Peralta Yosozumi Samurai Gold Skateboard Deck – 8.5 x 32.08

  • Deck Concave K20
  • Deck shape 244
  • Deck Wheelbase 14.375″
  • Deck Length 32.08″
  • Deck Width 9.43″
  • Deck Nose 6.88″
  • Deck Tail 6.63″

Our NEW Powell Peralta popsicles are made in our Skate One China factory using Skate One AirLam® presses, and the same maple and glue to match our engineering specifications. They’re light, thin, have excellent torsional rigidity, and crisp pop. Great for beginners to pro level skating at an awesome price. Works well in the streets, skateparks, pools, freestyle, bombing hills or just pushing to the store. Premium quality, 7 ply hard-rock maple, made right.



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