Powell Peralta 8.4 Flight® Andy Andersson Baby Heron (Vajra)

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Skateboard deck.

Powell Peralta Pro Andy Anderson Baby Heron Vajra Flight Skateboard Deck.
8.4″ x 32.5″

Deck Shape    302
Deck Concave     K26
Deck Wheelbase     14.25″
Deck Nose    7.0″
Deck Tail     7.0″

Powell•Peralta is proud to introduce Andy Anderson’s new Baby Heron, Vajra Deck, the culmination of over a decade of evolutionary performance-driven design modifications, making this new all-terrain deck easier to ride, flip, and pop than standard “popsicle” designs, which haven’t changed in thirty years.  Andy focused on making every aspect of his skateboard functional, easy to ride and designed to wear into every skater’s performance-enhancing personal shape.

Ten prototype evolutions of Andy’s 3rd generation Vajra deck were required to achieve this perfection. Made with the incredible strength of Flight Deck construction, the Vajra is durable and will stand up to the demands of today’s advanced skating.

Artwork by Vernon Courtlandt Johnson

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Skateboard storlek

8.375", 8.5"


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