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Oder Check


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Odor Check® inserts use odor removal technology proven around the world, making them the most effective moisture and odor control products you can buy.

Odor Check® inserts will dry out most shoes, skates, boots, gym bags and equipment in as little as 2-3 hours, but for maximum effectiveness let it work overnight or between games and practices. With regular use, Odor Check® inserts help keep your gear fresh between uses, reduce moisture that cause skin irritations, and extend the life of your equipment. Odor Check® can even be used to extract odor out of small enclosed spaces like lockers, closets, and even your vehicle!

Requires no batteries, fans or heat

Absorbs sweat, moisture & odor

Extends the life of shoes & equipment

Carbon activated fabric construction

Treated with Aegis Micro Shield®

Non-toxic & earth friendly

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Oder Check