Rayne Catalyst Train

Rayne Catalyst Train


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Long time Rayne fans have not likely forgotten this vintage tech slider. First introduced for the team so they could hit parks, bowls, tech-slide and thrash the city while still riding their favourite bamboo and fibreglass construction, this model became a staple in the line-up for many years.

The Rayne Renegade took over the Catalyst as a trend towards larger wheelbases, wider boards and more symmetrical shapes made the smaller Catalyst take a back seat. With more and more mini ramps showing up at longboard events and almost every Skate shop building bowls and ramps over the past year, the return of the Catalyst was inevitable.

The new Catalyst has an improved, stiffer, more durable construction then it's predecessor, but all the pop, snap and lock-in a hybrid rider could want out of an all around double kick.

Rayne Catalyst:

Storlek - 82,55 x 23,8 cm.

Hjulbas - 39,4 cm.

Flex - Hard.

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