Roam™ Griptape 10" (bred)

Roam™ Griptape 10" (bred)


96 kr

inkl. moms


Förpackningen innehåller,

1st skateboard griptape i valfri längd.

Bredd: 10" (25,4 cm).

Levereras i valfri längd och betalas per meter.

  • Roam™ Jessup Griptape, available in different sizes. (Black)
  • Super-coarse grip tape features larger grit to make it ideal for keeping your feet stuck to your skateboard or longboard
  • Grip provides a stable platform for ultimate control while cruising or downhill racing
  • Aggressive adhesive layers create a rock-solid bond to all boards in any environment
  • Silicon-carbide formula conforms to all deck surfaces, is easy to trim, and won't tear or wear out like other tapes
  • Made in the U.S.A.

ROAM™ Griptape is the first premium grip tape designed specifically for use on longboards. Born out of 35 years of experience in action sports, ROAM™ Griptape is an ultra-coarse longboard grip tape that stands up to the needs and abuses of long-boarding. Whether you’re bombing hills, freeriding, or just roaming the Earth, our premium grip tape will keep your feet firmly planted on the deck where they belong. The rest is up to you.



Jessup® Griptape