Kendama Usa Pro Model Wyatt Bray #BRAYMOD

Kendama Usa Pro Model Wyatt Bray #BRAYMOD


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Wyatt Bray`s superläckra Pro modell. Med Kaizen 2.0 ken och super sticky grepp.

Inspirerad av serietidningar och Wyatt`s kärlek till triple stripes.

Braymod är gjord helt i laminerad bambu och har en extremt härlig känsla med KUSA`s Super stick färg.

2 färgad tama med triple stripes ger dig väldigt bra tracking.

Kaizen 2.0 Ken.

Wyatt Bray`s egen design.

Såhär säger Wyatt själv om sin skapelse:

The blue and yellow setup reminds me of comic books. It's almost like opening up an old Spider-Man comic (which are my favorite), and just flipping through the pages. Plus it has the signature trip stripes. I've been into comic books since I was a kid. I still remember getting my first one, which was about Iron Man.

As much as I love silk paint, I wanted to change things up and get a new feel. Not just for me but for everyone who loves triple stripes. Now that my Pro Model is out, you can find triple stripes with Gloss, Silk, & Sticky options. I chose bamboo wood because it's my favorite. Every spike sounds like a crack and the look of the wood is just beautiful.

This combination of Super Stick paint and bamboo wood will make balance tricks easier to land.

Thank you to everyone for all the continued support & the KUSA family for giving me the opportunity combine 2 of my passions, and to share that with everyone in the Kendama community. "

*Laminated woods like bamboo are naturally less durable than other hardwoods we offer, due to the layering process. Please use extra caution when playing this model and avoid strong impacts; especially drops over concrete and other hard surfaces.

Denna kendama är gjord utav laminerad bambu som är lite känsligare än de vanliga träslagen.

Vi rekommenderar att den spelas på mjuka ytor som gräsmatta eller en matta.

Greppfaktor, tama (1-5): 3

Träslag: bambu

Ken: Kaizen 2.0

Längd: 18 Cm (standard)



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